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PIB NO: 16.023 for Organizational Capabilities Assessment in Guatemala

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PIB NO: 16.023 for Organizational Capabilities Assessment in Guatemala

PIB NO: 16.023 for Organizational Capabilities Assessment in Guatemala
DATE: April 19, 2016
Office of Acquisition Assistance Washington, D.C. 20523
Date: April 18, 2016
Country: Guatemala
Authority: USAID Contract Number: AID-596-C-13-00001
Source/Origin: Geographic Code 937
Contact: Claudia Hasfura, email:
Nathan Associates Inc. as main contractor of the USAID Regional Trade and Market Alliances Project is requesting proposals for assessing organizational capabilities of a governmental office applying OCA tool (Organizational Capabilities Assessment.) This evaluation will develop a work plan for further additional strengthening of such capabilities.
1. Company with experience in the analysis and studies of organizational capacities in Central America. Preferably with experience applying the Organizational Capacities Assessment Tool (OCA)
2. Capacity to submit documents and deliverables in Spanish and English.
3. Proof of these requirements should be included when submitting the proposal.

The proposal must include:
1. Work Plan.
2. Methodology.
3. Documentation to be required from SIECA.
4. Timetable
5. Human Resource to be used
6. Budget within the established range and payment
7. Legal representation and profile of the consulting firm
8. Three professional references to check their regional experience in the assessment of organizational capabilities (OCA)
Interested vendors can request complete TDRs and information writing to Claudia Hasfura at email:
Last date for Q&A April 21, 2016
Last date for submitting proposals April 25, 2016