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PIB NO: 14.142 for medical equipment for China

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PIB NO: 14.142 for medical equipment for China


PIB NO:  14.142 for medical equipment for China
DATE: 11/21/2014
Office of Acquisition Assistance Washington, D.C. 20523
Commodity Division (202) 569-4709


Requester:                        Project HOPE
                                       255 Carter Hall Lane
                                       PO Box 250
                                       Millwood, VA  22646

Contact:                           Jeff Klinefelter, C.P.M
                                      Manager, Purchasing

Country:                         China

Authority:                       USAID Award No. AID-ASHA-G-13-00010

Authorized Source/Origin: USAID Geographic Code 937

RFQ No.:                        China-05552

Submission Deadline:      5:00 PM EST January 30, 2015


Project HOPE is issuing a Request for Quotation for the following pieces of medical equipment.  Procurement includes installation and training.

1.    Integrated Incubator and Warmer, 2 Each

2.    Infant Warmer, 2 Each

3.    Anesthesia Machine with Patient Monitor, 1 Each

4.    Anesthesia Machine, 1 Each

5.    C-Arm X-ray Machine, 1 Each

6.    C-Arm X-ray Machine with Digital Subtraction Angiography, 1 Each

The RFQ will be available free of charge and can be obtained by emailing

Phone requests will not be honored.