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PIB NO: 13.172 for File Digitalization & Indexing for Colombia

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PIB NO: 13.172 for File Digitalization & Indexing for Colombia


PIB NO: 13.172 for File Digitalization & Indexing for Colombia
DATE: 11/18/2013
Office of Acquisition Assistance Washington, D.C. 20523
Commodity Division (202) 567-4709

Tetra Tech, Burlington, Vermont 05401

Contracts (802) 658-3890 x2304

Cooperating Country:               Colombia

Authority:                              Contract No. AID-514-C-11-00002

Authorized Geographic Code:     937

Requester:                             Tetra Tech ARD
                                            159 Bank Street, Suite 300
                                            Burlington, VT 05401

Contact:                                Sam Nelson

RFQ No.:                                CD00139 of 2013

        Response Deadline:                  Monday, December 16, 2013 at 02:00 PM.


Tetra Tech ARD Inc. is executing the CELI CENTRAL- Colombia Responde Program.

The Colombian Rural Development Institute (INCODER by its acronym in Spanish), a national government entity that reports to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, is responsible for executing the rural development policies established by the national government. According to the provisions of Decree 3759 of September 30, 2009, the General Secretariat is responsible for providing support for the organization and service of the document administration center, library, cartography room and newspaper archives, as well as all processes related to providing document-related services and other activities required to carry out its responsibilities.

The General Secretariat of INCODER, through the Administrative, Documentation and Assets Coordination, manages the processes related to documentation management, and is responsible for managing the documentation generated by the institute and the documentary funds it has inherited from the liquidation of other rural development entities in the country.

Based on the above and with the objective of effectively fulfilling the Law, ARD with the approval of INCODER will sign a Letter of Intent to specify the commitments that have been made to intervene the files in order to enable performance of an integral diagnosis, technical inventory, overall organization, micro-filming and digitalization of the Files of the Colombian Rural Development Institute (INCODER).

In addition to the above, Article 11 of Title IV of Law 594 of 2000, which establishes the General Law of Archives, indicates the following: “The Government is under the obligation of creating, organizing, preserving and controlling its archives, taking into account the principles of source and original order, the life cycle of the documents and filing standards”. Similarly, Article 12 of Law 594 of 2000 establishes: “Responsibility: The Public Administration shall be responsible for managing documents and files”. In the same sense, article 13 of Law 594 of 2000 establishes: “Facilities for Archives. The Public Administration must provide the required areas and facilities to ensure the correct operation of its archives”.

It is necessary to promote the development of archives as both physical and electronic or digital information centers, supported by any of the various IT media available, to safeguard the documentary heritage and facilitate citizen access to information and documentation. For this reason it is necessary to define the coordination channels to involve other entities and to provide feedback in the development of the Colombian archives policy.

The United States Government through USAID has indicated its interest in supporting the Government of Colombia in the land restitution process. To this end, a memorandum of understanding was signed on August 29, 2012, aimed at working on a project to organize and modernize INCODER files, to be performed through USAID operators.

Such operators have been distributed by USAID geographically throughout the country, and ARD has been assigned by USAID to coordinate and carry out the contractual part of this activity.

The object of this request is to select, negotiate and contract the services of a legally registered organization to organize, digitalize and index the files of the Colombian Institute of Rural Development (INCODER), in eight (8) of their territorial offices and central archive as follows:
1. Caquetá
2. Tolima
3. Meta
4. Antioquia
5. Córdoba
6. Nariño
7. Cauca
8. Norte de Santander9. Bogotá (Central Archive)

An electronic copy of the RFQ may be requested by email from  Phone requests will not be honored.

Proposals must be received no later than Monday, December 16, 2013 at 02:00 PM.