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PIB NO: 12.118

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PIB NO: 12.118

PIB NO: 12.118

DATE: 10/03/2012
Office of Acquisition Assistance Washington, D.C. 20523
Commodity Division (202) 712-1779

We would like to publicize the following ad please: 

Country:                            Haiti

Authority:                          USAID Contract. No. AID-521-C-12-00003

Equipment:                        Emissions Control System

Geographic Code:               935

Purchaser                         Chemonics International

RFP                                 Number HC1218

Offer Deadline:                 October 25, 2012

Offers to be sent to:          

Chemonics International is seeking to purchase an Emissions Control System to measure indoor emissions from biomass cook stoves, especially fine particulate matter and carbon monoxide, for a project in Haiti.  Training of personnel in Haiti is also required.  This equipment will be part of a solution to establish foundations for a sustainable market for clean, efficient and affordable cooking solutions in Haiti. 

For a copy of the RFP please send an email to