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Notice dated April 20, 2011 re: WBSCM

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Notice dated April 20, 2011 re: WBSCM

Notice dated April 20, 2011 re: WBSCM

April 20, 2011

Notice to Title II Shippers, Their Freight Forwarders, and Ocean Transportation Companies

Please include the following language in your Cooperating Sponsor’s Title II freight RFPs. This language replaces the FBES language for packaged Title II invitation cargoes, and also applies to all Title II packaged and bulk food aid freight RFPs that will be handled through WBSCM:

To determine lowest landed cost, all carriers are required to submit offers electronically for the cargoes advertised by this RFP via the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Web Based Supply Chain Management (WBSCM) system for the Solicitation Number(s) referenced above. All offers are subject to all requirements of WBSCM and of the afore-mentioned Solicitation(s), including the deadline(s) for submission of bids therein.

Freight offers are due no later than — INSERT TIME & DATE FOR FREIGHT PROPOSAL SUBMISSION —.

The Web Based Supply Chain Management system can be accessed through the following website:

Carriers must be assigned a USDA eAuthentication logon ID and password to access the WBSCM system. Contact the WBSCM Help Desk for information regarding logon IDs, passwords, and WBSCM system questions or concerns:

Telephone: (877) 927-2648

If you have any questions concerning this notice, please contact Ms. Christine Karpinski, Transportation Division at e-mail or telephone 202-567-4642.