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Bulk Grain Award Notice

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Bulk Grain Award Notice

Bulk Grain Award Notice

WFP  15,210MT bulk  SWW for Afghanistan     ( WFP SI 4500052609/030)

            5,070MT    “          “     “             “             (   “       “   4500052609/040)  

Title II


WFP   9,740MT bulk SWW for Bangladesh        (WFP SI    0000036049)



Comm Sol    2000003107 / 3109  

Freight Sol    2000003108 / 3110  

Award Date:  January 16, 2015


Fixed with: 

Owners:  Black Eagle Shipping, LLC (c/o Sealift Inc)   -   P1

Vessel:   “BLACK EAGLE”     US  /  single deck container vessel loading as BC

Cargo:   30,020MT bulk Soft White Wheat  (plus empty bags – Afghanistan cargo only)  

Lay Days:   February 10 – 20, 2015

Loading:   1 SB  1 P US NOPAC   (intention L.Dreyfus-ODK Portland, Oregon)

Discharge:  1 Anchorage 1-2SB Chittagong (9,740MT) and 1-2 SB Port Qasim (20,280MT)



$141.00 PMT  bss GL/FO at 2,400MT PWWD at Chittagong and 8,000MT PWWD at Port Qasim

    At Chittagong:  Owners intend to fully lighten at Chittagong.  Full lightening included

In offered rate – for reference, lightening at USD 22.00 PMT. 

   At Port Qasim:

Addl $26.00  bss LO bagged/stack onto trucks

Addl $28.75  bss LO bagged/stacked into port warehouse