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Award Tender CRS/Ethiopia/Bulk

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Award Tender CRS/Ethiopia/Bulk

Award Tender CRS/Ethiopia/Bulk

Award Date:  November 14, 2013

Cargo: 35,880 MT HRW in bulk plus empty bags

Combo: 13,130 MT Rice in bulk for WFP/Pakistan

Laycan:  December 16-26, 2013

Loading:  1-2SB 1-2SP U.S. Gulf

Delivery:  Thru Bs/L to points in Ethiopia via Djibouti

Vessel:  MV Liberty Grace, U.S. Flag

Owner:  Liberty Glory Corporation


USD 125.62/MT 1SB 1SP Texas Gulf (includes bulk discharge cost)

USD 11.25/MT for Bagging at Disport

Ethiopia Inland Delivery from Djibouti via truck:

USD 58.95/MT Dire Dawa

USD 58.95/MT Kombolcha

USD 67.25/MT Mekele

USD 51.85/MT Nazareth

USD 57.80/MT Dessie

Empty bags to be carried freight free.

If Applicable, following to be pro-rated amongst all above part cargoes:

USD 89,000 Lump-Sum if Mississippi River is sole or second LP

USD 89,000 Lump-Sum for second LP other than Mississippi River 

USD 62,000 Lump-Sum for each additional load berth per LP

USD 45,000 Lump-Sum if CHS is a supplier

USD 60,000 Lump-Sum if loading CHS Myrtle Grove

USD 150,000 Lump-Sum if loading Interstate Corpus Christi

For additional information please contact Muller Shipping Corporation, tel.516-256-7700.