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Award Tender 14.074/CRS/South Sudan/Bulk

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Award Tender 14.074/CRS/South Sudan/Bulk

Award Tender 14.074/CRS/South Sudan/Bulk

Award Date:  August 5, 2014

Cargo:  5,010 MT Sorghum in bulk plus empty bags



10,000 MT Sorghum for USAID/Mombasa

5,150 MT Sorghum for WFP/Mombasa

3,980 MT Sorghum for WFP/ Durban

18,800 MT Wheat for LOL/Mombasa


Laycan:   September 2-11, 2014

Loading:  1-2SB 1-2SP U.S. Gulf

Delivery:  Bagged at the disport / TBL to receiver’s Mombasa warehouse

Vessel:  MV Liberty Eagle, U.S. Flag

Owner:  Liberty Glory Corporation



USD 145.03/MT Basis 1SB 1SP Texas Gulf

Empty bags to be carried freight free.

If Applicable, pro-rated amongst all part cargoes:

USD 70,000 LS for Mississippi River

USD 90,000 LS for CHS Myrtle Grove

USD 85,000 LS for Interstate Corpus Christi

USD 98,000 LS each additional LP

USD 50,000 LS each additional LB


For additional information contact Muller Shipping Corporation, tel. 516-256-7700.