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Award Results Bulk Grain

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Award Results Bulk Grain

Award Results Bulk Grain

WFP 12,000MT bulk SWW for Bangladesh - USDA/FFE (WFP SI 0000046701)
3,030MT bulk SWW for Afghanaistan – Title ll (WFP SI 45500054631/030)
3,970MT bulk SWW for Afghanistan - Title II (WFP SI 4500056431/040)
Title II and USDA/FFE

Comm Sol # 2000003791/93
Freight Sol# 2000003792/94
Award date: January 15, 2016

Fixed with:
Owners: Universal Navigation Pte Ltd - P3
Vessel: “LAKE ST. CLAIR” Antiqua & Barbuda/BC
Cargo: 19,000MT bulk SWW (+ empty bags for Afghanistan only)
Lay Days: Feb 5-15, 2016
Loading: 1SB 1P US NOPAC
Discharge: B’DESH: 1 ANCHORAGE + 1-2 SB Chittagong, and

USD 43.14 PMT GL/FO BSS 2,400MT PWWD FO at Chittagong and
1 WWD at Port Qasim
At Port Qasim, add $7.25 PMT for LO bagged/stacked onto trucks
and add $10.25 PMT for LO bagged/stacked into port shed

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Geodis Wilson USA Inc
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