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Amendment 1 to PIB NO: 12.067

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Amendment 1 to PIB NO: 12.067

Amendment 1 to PIB NO: 12.067

DATE: 05/9/2012
Office of Acquisition Assistance Washington, D.C. 20523
Commodity Division (202) 712-1779

 DATE:                                   May 2, 2012

 ITEM:                                   Monitors with central station (QTY: 32)

DESCRIPTION:                        These monitors will be in the Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) to monitor

                                           patients after surgeries and other critical services. Bedside monitors

                                           (Qty. – 20) and standard monitors (Qty. – 12) with screens that will be connected

                                           to a central monitoring station.

AUTHORITY:                          USAID Award Number AID-ASHA-G-11-00012                    

COMMODITY ID NO.:               Master set list no. A01 

ITEM:                                   Defibrillators (QTY: 14)

DESCRIPTION:                       Defibrillators, to be used throughout the Hospital, capable of monitoring,                                        chest compression support, self-testing and notification, communication and file transfer, and battery management.

AUTHORITY:                         USAID Award Number AID-ASHA-G-11-00012

COMMODITY ID NO.:             Master set list no. A02 


GEOGRAPHIC CODE:              937 

COUNTRY:                          Israel 



                                       P.O. Box 3235

                                       IL-91031    JERUSALEM / ISRAEL

                                       Fax:  011-972-2-6513946


NOTE:        The SHAARE ZEDEK MEDICAL CENTER requests bids for the above described commodity.  To obtain a copy of the solicitation  including the terms and specifications, please send a request to the SHAARE ZEDEK MEDICAL CENTER in Israel at: 

  1.  Fax No.  972-2-6513946,  clearly  stating  a  fax  number  that can be reached 24 hours a day,

  2.  E-Mail:

  3.  A copy can also be obtained from Ms. Bella Klein at the AMERICAN COMMITTEE FOR SHAARE ZEDEK, New York, NY, USA, Tel. No. (212) 764-8045, Fax (212) 398-9724,


Please specify the equipment requested.  Upon receipt of your request, a copy of the solicitation will be sent to you. 

The DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION OF QUOTES is the close of business on June 17, 2012.

All manufacturer warranties on proposed equipment must be honored in Israel.  The quotation must contain the name of a reliable Israeli agent that will carry out the terms of the warranty and who can be used for installation (if needed), spare parts and other services.

Offers are to be in compliance with USAID source, origin and nationality requirements enumerated in 22CFR, part 228.

In order for a quote to be responsive to this notice, suppliers are required to provide a copy of the applicable approval letter from FDA, covering medical devices that require pre-market in the USA.

Additionally, the supplier shall provide the following certification: “The undersigned supplier agrees and certifies that all products provided are covered by a valid FDA approval letter and/or otherwise are in compliance on the date of shipment with all applicable United States of America laws and regulations governing the delivery of regulated products in interstate commerce”