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Award Tender 18.080 Bulk CRS Ethiopia/South Sudan

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Award Tender 18.080 Bulk CRS Ethiopia/South Sudan
Award Tender 18.080 Bulk CRS Ethiopia/South Sudan

Award Date September 10, 2018



25,340 MT Min/Max Hard Red Winter Wheat in bulk plus empty bags, and

7,060 MT Min/Max Sorghum in bulk plus empty bags

Combo:  6,290 MT Rice for WFP D.R. Congo, Dar es Salaam discharge with options

Laycan:  October 1-15, 2018

Loading:  1-2SB 1-2SP U.S. Gulf

Delivery:  Cargo is to be bagged at the discharge (transit) port(s) of Djibouti and Mombasa and delivered under through bills(s) of lading to receiver’s warehouse door(s) at Djibouti, Mombasa, points in Ethiopia.  Charterers/Receivers option to take delivery of Mombasa sorghum bagged and stacked on trucks at the port, in which case inland delivery of $6.50/MT will not apply and $3.00/MT stacking will apply.

Vessel: TR Princess (or sub), Marshall Islands Flag SDBC Built 2015, IMO 9742663

Owner: Reliance Bulk Carriers LLC  



USD 77.65/MT, Basis 1SB 1SP Texas Gulf / 1 DP Djibouti (includes bulk discharge costs)

USD 74.65/MT, Basis 1SB 1SP Texas Gulf / 1 DP Mombasa (includes bulk discharge cost)

Empty bags to be carried freight free.  Owners to provide all labor, needles, twine and necessary equipment for required bagging.

Bagging at Disport:

Djibouti USD 6.00/MT

Mombasa USD 11.00/MT


Inland Warehouse Delivery via truck (rates in USD per metric ton):

to Dessie: $40.50             

to Dire Dawa: $38.50

to Kombolcha: 39.50

to Mekele: $44.50

to Nazareth: 43.50

to Djibouti: $16.00 Djibouti Free Zone

to Mombasa: $6.50


Base ocean rate(s) based on all the above combination cargoes loading from a single Texas Gulf port and berth.  If any cargo loads from a different port the following Lump-Sum premiums to be added, as applicable, pro-rated amongst all the above combination cargoes: 

USD 150,000 for each additional load port


For further information contact Muller Shipping Corporation, tel. +1-516-256-7700.