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PIB NO: 17.006 for pickup trucks for Guinea

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PIB NO: 17.006 for pickup trucks for Guinea

PIB NO:  17.006 for pickup trucks for Guinea
DATE: 01/11/2017

Office of Acquisition Assistance Washington, D.C. 20523
Transportation Division

Request for Quotation
Feed the Future Guinea Agricultural Services - Strengthening Market-Led
Agricultural Research, Technology, and Education
RFQ- 6784-17-001

USAID Cooperative Agreement:      AID-675-LA-16-00002       
Country:                                     Faranah, Guinea
Source Code/ Origin:                    United States (Code 000 or 935)
Purchasing Agent/ Entity:             Winrock International

Commodities: 2 (two) Like or Similar to the Toyota Hilux -  Double Cabin Pickup Truck 4WD (left hand drive) for export and operation in Faranah, Guinea as well as rural areas. Please note that the vehicle will be used in extreme climatic and physical conditions.

Offer Deadline:  Wednesday, January 25 2017

Winrock International is soliciting bids from qualified vendors in connection with the supply of 4X4 double cabin pickup trucks. Bids will be accepted from all eligible firms. Requests for bid packet and/or submissions of bids will be accepted by email to  

Guinea SMARTE Program invites interested and eligible parties from specialized consortia, suppliers, and manufacturers to prepare bids. Eligible suppliers must have extensive experience in the manufacture, delivery, and maintenance of vehicles. The supplier shall be selected in accordance with competitive bidding procedures and best overall value procurement results provided by Winrock International. Interested and eligible suppliers wishing to participate in the bidding process should request a copy of the bid package and obtain further information from email specified above.

All equipment is subject to the Bureau of Industry and Security Export Compliance Regulations.