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PIB NO: 16.078 for machinery for Georgia

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PIB NO: 16.078 for machinery for Georgia


PIB NO:  16.078 for machinery for Georgia
DATE: December 20, 2016

Office of Acquisition Assistance Washington, D.C. 20523

Country:                      Georgia

Authority:                    USAID Award No. AID-114-LA-14-00001

Source/Origin:             Geographic Code 937, 110

Purchaser:                   International City/County Management Association


RFQ:                            Request for Quote (RFQ) No. WMTR-002-2016

Bid Deadline:              23:00 local time (Georgia) on December 26, 2016


International City/County Management Association, USAID Waste Management in Technologies in Regions (WMTR) Program will issue a Request for Quotes on December 20, 2016 for the procurement of the following:

1.      Pressing Machine

a.      Capacity: 25-40 kW

b.      Pressure: at least 450 kHz (45 tons)

c.       Dimensions of the channel: 70-85 cm x 110-120 cm

d.      Length of the bale: Adjustable

e.      Charging Hole: minimum 105 x 125 cm

f.        Bale weight: minimum 500 kg

g.      Efficiency: minimum 3 tons /per hour

h.      Number of strapping: minimum 4

i.        Tying: fully automatic

j.        Strapping type: with wire

k.       Condition: New


2.      Forklift Track

a.      Fuel type: Diesel

b.      Transmission box: automatic

c.       Lifting capacity: 1500-2100 kg

d.      Lofting height: 3300 – 3800 mm


The authorized USAID Geographic Code for the USAID WMTR Program is 937, 110.

Interested parties may obtain a copy of the RFQ by contacting   RFQ No. WMTR-002-2016 must appear in the subject line of the email. 

Phone requests will not be honored.