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PIB NO: 16.043 for vehicles for Zambia

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PIB NO: 16.043 for vehicles for Zambia

PIB NO: 16.043 for vehicles for Zambia
DATE: August 22, 2016

Office of Acquisition Assistance Washington, D.C. 20523



Country:          Zambia

Authority:                    USAID Contract Number: AID-611-A-16-00004


Source/Origin:           Geographic Code 935

Purchaser:                 JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc.  

Contact:                      Louise Henderson


RFQ:                           Request for Quote (RFQ) No: 16-019

Bid Deadline:            September 5th, 2016 at 14 hrs Lusaka Time



JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc. USAID DISCOVER Health Project has issued a Request for Quotation Number: 16-019 to supply an estimated One Hundred and Six (106) Right Hand drive (RHD), Diesel Vehicles for use in Zambia, consisting of:

·        Eighty Four (84) 4x4 13-Seater station wagons,

·        Ten  (10) 4x4 10-Seater station wagons,

·        Twelve (12) 4x4 7-Seater station wagons


The authorized USAID Geographic Code for the USAID DISCOVER Health Project is 935.


For more information, including the full list of specifications, please download the RFQ from the JSI website  Interested parties may find the RFQ by clicking

on the page header entitled "International Health” and then “Contract with Us” and then “view current RFPs, RFAs, & RFQs.



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