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Award Tender 16.055/ CRS/Ethiopia/Bulk

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Award Tender 16.055/ CRS/Ethiopia/Bulk

Award Tender 16.055/ CRS/Ethiopia/Bulk

Award Date:  May 31, 2016

Cargo:   51,000 MT Min/Max Hard Red Winter Wheat in bulk plus empty bags

Laycan:  July 1-10, 2016

Loading:  1-2SB 1-3SP U.S. Gulf

Discharge:  Djibouti and/or Berbera and/or Port Sudan (at Charterers Option)

Delivery:  Thru B/L delivery to points in Ethiopia via truck after disport bagging

Vessel:  NS Trader 1, SDBC Built 2013, Philippines Flag

Owner:  Reliance Bulk Carriers LLC


Ocean Freight, including bulk discharge costs, Basis 1SB 1SP Texas Gulf:

USD 47.25/MT Any quantity discharging Djibouti

USD 46.50/MT Any quantity discharging Berbera

USD 46.00/MT Any quantity discharging Port Sudan

USD 550,000 Lump-Sum to be added to the above if discharging any quantity at Berbera


Bagging at Disport:

Djibouti USD 10.00/MT

Berbera USD 15.00/MT

Port Sudan USD 10.00/MT


Inland Warehouse Delivery via truck (USD per metric ton):

                                Djibouti                Berbera                 Port Sudan

to Dessie:            58.20                     94.00                     135.00

to Dire Dawa      55.00                     95.00                     195.00

to Kombolcha    58.05                     138.00                   145.00

to Mekele           60.50                     157.00                   150.00

to Nazareth        58.05                     118.00                   160.00


Empty bags to be carried freight free.


Premiums, if applicable:

USD 120,000 LS for Mississippi River

USD 75,000 LS for each additional load berth in excess of one per port

USD 125,000 LS for each additional load port (within same range)


For additional information contact Muller Shipping Corporation, tel. 516-256-7700.